Food Zone

The hearty line-up of gastronomic delights at the Food Zone will delight and satisfy after an energetic bout of shopping.

Food Zone Booth 1: Big Sake Bar

Food Zone Booth 1:
美食区展位 1:

Big Sake Bar


Tori Karaage: Deep Fried Chicken Thigh in Boneless Chunky Bite Sizes

Tebasaki: Japanese Fried Chicken Wings in Unique Sesame Batter

Gyoza: Dumplings stuffed with succulent Minced Pork




饺子: 猪肉馅饺

Food Zone Booth 2: Dim Sum Haus

Food Zone Booth 2:
美食区展位 2:

Dim Sum Haus


Baked Salted Egg Custard Bun: Dim Sum Haus’ Baked Salted Egg Custard Bun is crispy on the outside and filled with golden salted egg custard lava that oozes out the moment you sink your teeth into the bun.


脆顶流沙包: 点心好的脆顶流沙包外皮酥脆,入口即爆浆。金黄的咸蛋流沙内陷满满溢出,齿颊留香。

Food Zone Booth 3: Q Hor Fun

Food Zone Booth 3:
美食区展位 3:

Q Hor Fun


 Yuan Yang Chicken Chop Hor Fun: Curry Infused Herbal Ipoh Hor Fun with Chicken Chop.


鸳鸯鸡扒河粉: 传统怡宝河粉加上当归和咖喱与鸡扒

Food Zone Booth 4: Teochew Handmade Pau

Food Zone Booth 4:
美食区展位 4:

Teochew Handmade Pau


 Kong Bak Pau: Lean Pork Belly braised in a secret sauce.


扣肉包: 以特别酱汁炮制的五花肉。

Food Zone Booth 5: He:Brews by Salt

Food Zone Booth 5:
美食区展位 5:

He:Brews by Salt


 Sous Vide Imperial Herbal Chicken Soup: Whole chicken thigh cooked for over six hours in a rich herbal broth using high quality ingredients like Angelica Sinensis (Dang Gui) and Codonopsis Pilosula (Dang Shen).


药材皇帝鸡汤: 用高品质的草药成分,如当归、党参等以及鸡大腿炖煮超过六个小时的汤。

Food Zone Booth 6: Li Fang Imperial Kitchen

Food Zone Booth 6:
美食区展位 6:

Li Fang Imperial Kitchen


Aburi Iberico Pork Collar Congee: Century egg, lean meat, shredded chicken, fish and prawn — these are common toppings in piping hot bowls of congee. You might aslso consider adding flame-seared Iberico pork collar to your bowl of classic comfort food.

Li Fang Congee has come up with a new way to enjoy the traditional rice porridge. Its new offer — Aburi Iberico Pork Collar Congee — marries the savoury texture and flavour of the slightly charred signature pork from Spain with the smooth and thick collagen-filled congee base. This tantalising combination will leave you asking for more.


焦香西班牙黑猪肉粥: 每一片黑猪肉都是使用火炬来烧烤让肉片带有淡淡的咸焦味。被高温逼出的香浓天然而有益的脂肪油脂,搭配一碗香滑的大骨粥,简直就是绝配!这诱人的组合会让你回味无穷,一口接一口停不下来。

Food Zone Booth 7: WOAH!

Food Zone Booth 7:
美食区展位 7:



 WOAH! Protein Ice Cream: Singapore’s first protein ice cream which is low fat, low carb, low calorie and low sugar and high in nutrition – serves as a healthier dessert choice!



Food Zone Booth 8: Ishiro Rice Bowl

Food Zone Booth 8:
美食区展位 8:

Ishiro Rice Bowl


 Chashu Bowl: Tender slices of pork belly torched to perfection and served on a bed of rice. Guaranteed MSG-free!


 叉烧盖饭:在米饭上铺了一层烤得恰到好处的叉烧。 保证完全没用味精!